Invitation Exhibition

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the exhibition of Niek van der Plas in the Van Berckel Lounge at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin (Noordwijk/Netherlands). The exhibition will be held from 9 to 24 August 2014 and has the theme "City, Country and Beach". Niek is represented with its famous beach scenes, cityscapes and flower fields. We hope you enjoy the viewing experience. The exhibition has ended. We thank everyone for the interest.
A new spring

 November 2012, and something that has over time now become our regular trip to Southern France. Still a nice temperature at that time of the year, the flowers were still in full bloom and with a lot of festivities going on, Niek was really in the mood for it. This trip included a visit to Saint Paul-de-Vence, just above Nice, which is a picturesque artists village known to many connoisseurs of fine art. The many good impressions gained will undoubtedly result once again in a number of fine works. We are now already in 2013, spring is on its way, and the bulb fields will soon be in full bloom. Time for Niek to seek out some interesting places, and again begin painting in this area. Bekking & Blitz Gallery Cards has included Niek in their assortment of Art Cards. A number of paintings of beach scenes, urban scenes and landscapes are soon to be represented in a large number of museums in the Netherlands. An interesting development in Niek’s work.
Aspects of Love

On Sunday 7th October this year, Joop van den Ende’s theatre production: “Aspects of Love” took place. For this production, paintings by, among others, Vincent van Gogh, Maximilien Luce and Niek van der Plas were used for the decor. Niek’s painting, an evening mood of the Canal Grande in Venice (page 100) from the book “An Impressionist in Katwijk”, was enlarged to 4 x 6 metre. Another real success for Niek to be included with all these renowned artists. The painting Canal Grande, Venice, Italy can be found on the site in the category: International. 
New study trip

The holiday season has now come to an end, and autumn is approaching, as is the new study trip of Niek van der Plas at the end of October. July’s exhibition, A Dutch Impressionist in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk, was a great success. The reactions of visitors could be described as heart-warming, and a lot of people were impressed by Niek’s last works. A few paintings from the last exhibition are presented on the site, such as a subdued beach scene 24 x 30 cm with colourful parasols, a beach scene 30 x 40 cm half pointillistic with children on a warm summer’s day in the “tideway”. A pavement café in Paris 40 x 50 cm superbly rendered in exquisite colour combinations and a painting of Venice 28 x 50 cm portrayed beautifully by Niek in a way that no one else can, complete the four paintings. We hope you enjoy viewing these. Niek’s work can be viewed throughout the year by appointment. Tel: +31 71 4022522 or +31 6 51504828.
Exhibition Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

 The 13th July this year marks the start of the exhibition: "A Dutch impressionist". This will be held in the Berckel Lounge on the first floor of the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk, the Netherlands. During the past year, Niek has not been sitting still. With trips to Paris, where Cafe de Flore was once again immortalized, but from a different perspective. Honfleur was also visited, but this time depicted in luminist colours. A subdued beach view in Villefrance, painted in the typical French tints. A number of interesting places in his own country were also visited. A pavement café with atmosphere on the Leidse Plein in Amsterdam. A bulb field in Wassenaar exuding light. A bulb field in Noordwijk and a charming lake view of the of the Wijde Aa in Roelofarendsveen are striking works, which the artist has represented wonderfully. The connoisseurs amongst us will again discover a slight change in style and approach in the most recent works, and recognise his search for still higher quality. Exposition dates: 13th to 29th July from 12.00 - 19.00 hrs. and by appointment.